Hi, I’m Rajiv Abraham, a smartphone shutterbug.

Welcome to my photoblog.

I grew up with a professional photographer at home (in my dad), but personally I have never had much interest in photography as a child. Even now as an adult I always struggle with the manual mode in cameras, and still cannot make sense of all the technical jargon like ISO, aperture, exposure, F-Stop, depth of field, white balance, etc.

And then I discovered smartphone photography with the Sony Ericsson K750i. It was my first bona fide camera, and more importantly something I could shoot good photographs with.

Rajiv Abraham

This is one of my earliest selfies shot with the Sony Ericsson K750i. A decent shot notwithstanding the paltry 2 megapixels it boasted back in the day. The camera was the best part about the phone, you had to actually hold it like a camera to take photographs. The first of its kind (at least me thinks), when today we consider it natural to take photographs in landscape mode with our smartphones.

Unfortunately, I have lost quite a bit of the photographs I shot with this excellent camera smartphone, thanks to not knowing about backing up, having several hard drive crashes, and moving house. Thankfully the selfie survived and ended up being used as an avatar on many social media channels.

Sadly I have not always selected a smartphone based on its camera capabilities. Over the years many other criteria like listening to music, watching movies, getting actual work done, etc. have taken precedence over the camera quality of my smartphone. However, the good news is I have continued to take photographs even with average or mediocre smartphone cameras over the years, and more importantly have the associated memories with those images.

The deal with Abraham’s Photoblog is to share some of those memories with family and friends, and anybody else along for the ride. The content will mostly be related to people, places, food, travel, etc.

Enjoy your stay.